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Faculty of Lifelong Welfare

Faculty of Lifelong Welfare

The Faculty of Lifelong Welfare is comprised of the Department of Social Welfare and the Department of Child Welfare. In order to understand and resolve the various issues faced by modern society, the Department of Social Welfare cultivates social workers who have an effect on people and society, and act to achieve movement in a positive direction. The Department of Child Welfare educates human resources to support child-rearing and contribute to welfare in the community and the health development of children, based on the concept of guaranteeing the rights of children.
The aim of the Faculty of Lifelong Welfare is to cultivate human resources who regard welfare as supporting the lifelong development of each person, and practice welfare, primarily in small cities, towns and villages, with specific goals for each problem, based on universal values and ethics. These goals are achieved in accordance with the university's founding spirit.

Faculty of Lifelong WelfareDepartment of Social Welfare

Faculty of Lifelong Welfare
Department of Social Welfare

By providing specialized knowledge for social workers, psychiatric social workers, and others, we improve students’ understanding, techniques, and ethics with regard to helping others through experiences such as volunteering.

Target careers

●Welfare facilities for the elderly

To be a social worker and perform welfare activities such as nursing care for the elderly

●Social welfare councils

To perform various activities in the local region to improve welfare

●Psychiatric hospitals and general hospitals

To provide nursing care in general hospitals or work as a psychiatric social worker and be active in the psychiatry departments of hospitals

●Health centers

To contribute to health in a local region, such as by responding to welfare-related consultations at public institutions

Qualifications and licenses that can be obtained